• Episode 18: A Musical Journey & Loving the Grind

    In this long awaited episode, David discusses his journey through the Midwest and how loving the everyday grind is a mirror into ourselves.

  • Episode 17: Jeffrey Brown

    David talks with cartoonist & illustrator, Jeffrey Brown. They discuss Jeffrey’s early beginnings in writing autobiographical comics, the importance of mentors in his work, dealing with criticism, and his natural transition into writing children’s books, including Darth Vader & Son, The Jedi Academy series, and his most recent series, Lucy & Andy Neanderthal.

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Episode 16: Dana Colley

David talks with Dana Colley, former Baritone Saxophone player for the Boston seminal low-rock band, Morphine, Twinemen, A.K.A.C.O.D. & his current band, Vapors of Morphine. They discuss Dana’s early life of learning to play...

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Episode 15: Ben Hersey

David chats with author, musician & performance artist, Ben Hersey. They discuss Ben’s first book, The Autograph of Steve Industry, the challenges of parenting, how the loss of his father...

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Episode 14: Brad Warner

David talks to Brad Warner, an American Sōtō Zen monk, author, blogger, documentarian and punk rock bass guitarist.  They discuss the history of American Zen from Japan, his journey to work on monster movies in Japan,...

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Episode 13: Dealing With Adveristy

In this solo episode, David breaks down some thoughts from his previous interview with his brother, Thomas Garbarino and also discusses how to deal with adversity when it pops...

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Episode 12: Thomas Garbarino Part 2

David talks with his brother, Thomas Garbarino, a Chinese medicine practitioner, healing coach, and teacher. In part 2 of this interview, they discuss the importance of eating the bitter everyday,...

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Episode 11: Thomas Garbarino Part 1

David talks with his brother, Thomas Garbarino, a Chinese medicine practitioner, healing coach, and teacher. In part 1 of this interview, they discuss their upbringing and growing up in...

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David Gardner


David Gardner is a poet/screenwriter, music collector, and avid film fan. In 2018, David decided to start a podcast to engage in conversations with fellow creatives and idea makers. As a former college DJ, David finds new sounds and voices that resonate singly and collectively. His writing and photos have appeared in journals such as Art New EnglandChainNew York Times.  He lives in Western Massachusetts with his wife and two children.

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