Month: June 2018

Episode 9: Alexandra Hidalgo

David talks with writer and director Alexandra Hidalgo.  They discuss her early life: between the language and culture of two nations, her transition from writing fiction into documentary film making, and her current film project about her father titled, The Weeping Season.

Episode 8: Jennifer Mulligan

David talks to Ottawa based writer and director Jennifer Mulligan. They discuss her early beginnings, her move into screenwriting and directing, the importance of the Ottawa’s Digi60 festival, and her films including her new short film: Death Isn’t The Same Anymore.


Jennifer Mulligan:


Max Adams:


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:


Episode 7.5: Wingnut Ray

In this bonus episode with NYC photographer Michael DiDonna, David and Michael retell the story of their unlikely meeting of a guy named Wingnut Ray and his wife Beverly deep in the heart of the Australian Outback.



Episode 7: Michael DiDonna

David talks to NYC based photographer and NOLS alum Michael DiDonna. They discuss his early beginnings on wanting to become an artist, his time on a semester long course through the Australian Outback and how the life lessons in the bush helped his career as an entrepreneur and professional photographer.  Plus, Mike divulges the amazing story of his “passion project” and David and Mike even share a few of their favorite NOLS stories.


Michael DiDonna:

National Outdoor Leadership School:

Raphael Mazzucco:

Yusef Lateef:


Episode 6: Josh Shalek

David talks to cartoonist Josh Shalek, author of Falling Rock National Park, about learning his craft through the works of Bill Watterson, Bill Amend, and Gary Larson, how growing up in the southwest became his setting for Falling Rock, and how transitioning from a daily strip helped free him up to the possibility of larger stories.  Plus, David checks in with Northampton filmmaker Ali Kasemkhani to talk about his upcoming premiere of his new film “Number Two.”


Ali Kasemkhani:

Number Two:

Josh Shalek:

Bill Watterson:

Calvin & Hobbes:

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