Episode 2: Pirooz Kalayeh

In this episode, David talks to filmmaker, artist, and author Pirooz Kalayeh about his latest release, Ctr Alt Del, his hyper reality  film making process, embracing the mistakes, and how a traumatic incident in a barbershop as a young child lead him to explore his past in his current film project, Sometimes I Dream in Farsi.   Plus, David takes a moment to celebrate the life of the late writer, artist, and performer Bobbie Louise Hawkins.


Nick Cave: nickcave.com

Naropa University: naropa.edu

Ctl Alt Del: piroozkalayeh.info

Zombie Bounty Hunter M.D.:vimeo.com/r/1ZTu/SVo5V1RteH

Brunch On The Fourth of July: vimeo.com/75802645

Joe Swamberg

Brad Warner

Brad Warner’s Hardcore Zen: vimeo.com/r/1DeO/QWtvOTMvcE

Tao Lin

Shoplifting from American Apparel: vimeo.com/r/1DeP/SS44bVZhMV

Sufi Poetry

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Le Mystere Picasso: vimeo.com/236924975

Sam Shepard’s Buried Child

The Human War: vimeo.com/r/1CMB/c1l6OE5FWm

Sometimes I Dream in Farsi: sometimesidreaminfarsi.com


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Conversations with Nick Cave & Amanda Palmer

Bobbie Louise Hawkins: bobbielouisehawkins.com